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Has you child ever been recommended, or evaluated for possible behavioural problems,physical disability or been affected by disrupted schooling.
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The following documents must be submitted to school to complete your application. Your application will not be valid until all documents are received. * Please make sure all document are copies, we will not make copies for you.*

  • 1 Passport size photo
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Emirates ID card - Front and Back
  • Copy of Latest School report
  • Letter from school confirming the Grade and academic year the child is enrolled with KHDA or ADEC. Students moving from British curriculum schools following the YEAR system must provide us with an equivalency certificate or a written confirmation that an equivalency can be provided on final registration.
  • Continuance letter from school confirming the grade the child is enrolled with the ministry for the academic year 2016-17 OR letter issued by the current school from i-SIS system stating the current grade and academic year (applicable to students applying from Sharjah and Northern Emirates)
  • Assessment Application Fee (non refundable) FS1 & FS2 - 100Dhs, Yr 1 to 10 - 300Dhs, Yr 12 & 13 Interview only
  • Date for Document Collection : Jan 29th till 2 Feb


Please ensure that you have read and understood our assessment and registration policy prior to submitting application. Any submitted documents found to be incorrect will result in the termination of the application.

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** Note : All dates should be in dd/mm/yyyy format.